Visiting Dad Tries to Hail an Uber


Seattle Center — This weekend, Sammy Shosa’s parents came into town to visit. It was a great time, and Sammy felt that it was fun to be a tourist in her own city. Together the family went to the top of the space needle, watched the fish throwers at Pike Place market, found hip Seattle coffee shops, and Mom kept mentioning how absolutely crazy it would be to stop in that “Uncle Ice” shop.

After a fun trip to Lake Union, Sammy’s dad decided that it would be best to grab a bite to eat downtown, and he wanted to try out Uber. Not quite sure what Uber was, her dad went into the middle of the street and started flagging at every Prius that passed by. After no cars stopped to take the travelers, Sammy’s mom offered the advice of trying AirBnB instead.

Juicy O’Rollerhockey


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