College Student Throwing Useable Ceramic Plate in Garbage During Moveout, destined to be Regional Manager of a Paper Company Someday


Seattle University — Jeff Dingus, Seattle University Sophomore and Business Major was cleaning out his dorm during move out and decided to throw 15 ceramic C-street plates into the dumpster. Little did Jeff know, but this thoughtless action would start a chain of event that lead him to becoming the Regional Manager of a Paper supply company 25 years later.

Now, certainly those plates could have been reused or put in the C-street plate box that was next to the dumpster, but let me ask you think environmentalist: Who are you to deny future Jeff Dingus of the esteemed position of Regional Manager? Someday people are going to look up to Jeff, in fact he will lead a team of 10 sales people in the Midwestern region spanning states like Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska. Yeah that’s right, Nebraska AND Colorado.

So next time you try and stop another Dingus from throwing away a set of perfectly usable ceramic plates or silverware, think about how you might be the one in the wrong. You could be stepping on someone’s lucrative future.

— Mark Wilson


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