Heartbreaking: This College Senior Knows All the C-Street Secrets Because He’s Still on the Meal Plan


Seattle University — Some stories just really pull at your heart strings, other are just down-right depressing. Meet Gwen Oatze, a Senior Economics Major at Seattle University. Gwen, after going to to school for four years at this institution still orders all of his meals at the campus cafeteria: C-Street.

When Gwen orders, he doesn’t just order, he shows the underclassmen that he knows exactly all the tips and tricks of C-street.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

From knowing which lines to avoid on what days, to asking for extra fries at the grill, anyone can tell that Gwen has been going to C-street for just a little bit too long. In a particularly soul crushing experience, sources oversaw him telling a recent transfer that they can get their cookie warmed up in the bistro oven.

Hopefully Gwen will find the help that he needs so badly soon, otherwise who knows how he’ll survive outside of college where there is no C-street.

— Mark Wilson


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