The Word “Problematic” Spoken 79 Times in One Global Religion UCOR class


ADMN Building – Sometimes there are just no words to describe the nature of social injustices. And sometimes… there’s the word “problematic.” But most times, there’s only the word “problematic.” Today, in a UCOR based on discerning the essentials of different religions around the world, a discussion took place among the class regarding the way adherents of one religion treat adherents of another. Needless to say, there were some problems.

Spoke one student, “I feel like [religion 1]’s way of handling that dispute was very problematic. Spoke another student, “Well, [religion 2]’s problematic response to the original problematic statement was actually very problematic.”

“How do you not see the problematic nature of the problem?”

“Maybe because it’s not as problematic as the more problematic thing!”

“I think you’re problematic!”

“This class is problematic!”

This went on for the duration of the class, while the teacher sat back, put her headphones in, and ate a sandwich. This problematic behavior was very problematic.

Juicy O’Woozy


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