Top 10 Things we Found in the Move-out Dumpster Next to Campion


Hard Copy once again embraces for a summer where we have no social capital or employable skills of any kind. So before joining the industrial army of the unemployed, we decided to sift through the garbage dumpster next to Campion and see what students a.k.a the “bright lights of the future” were throwing away after 30 weeks in College.

  1. Dean Kelly Autographs
  2. Sean Kingston’s lifeless body
  3. 600 pounds of methamphetamine
  4. One copy of The Spectator
  5. A Shitload of La Croix
  6. 4 “I’m With Her” Stickers
  7. Redacted Copies of the FY18 Seattle University Budget
  8. A passed out Rudy the Redhawk
  9. 16 Fidget Spinners
  10. Just as much Covfefe as you’d expect

— Mark Wilson


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