7 Best Places to Cry Across Campus, Ranked


You asked, we answered! Here are the best places on campus to just sit down and cry about how death is inevitable, tested out by Hard Copy.

  1. The Small Alcove on Each Side of the Stairs in Pigott

Ever just want to sob uncontrollably but have to go to class? Look no further! Stop by this secluded spot in Pigott for a few minutes on your way to (or during) class! The large posters sometimes covering this spot gives you extra isolation to panic over impending nuclear war.

  1. Communications Department Building

This former hotspot for dead bodies now proudly hosts our (supernatural?) Communications Department, and now your next breakdown! No one really has class inside this building, which makes it an ideal space to cry over your ex, Chad.

  1. The Middle of the James Street Crosswalk

Needing to cry over the amount of debt you will have after graduation? Well, here at Hard Copy we are all about multitasking. Just sit in the middle of the crosswalk and hope for the best!

  1. Communal Showers

Roommate troubles? Fear of demonstrating emotion in public?  No one else understands your attraction to Steve Daddy? The rushing sound of the powerful shower water pressure levels will mask your uncontrollable sobbing and maybe even conserve water.

  1. Campion Elevators

If you have claustrophobia and are walking home from a failed test, look no further. These elevators break down on the regular, giving you time to both panic due to the confined space and express your fear of disappointing your parents.

  1. Private Study Rooms

Uh oh! Coming to terms with your superiority complex while writing your 15-page research project that you haven’t started? This is the perfect place to cry and research opportunities to become a wandering goat herder in the Himalayas.

  1. My Arms


-Ryan Lewis


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