Wow: Guy in This UCOR Has an Original Thought


Pigott Building- “I didn’t believe in miracles until today” remarked junior and current UCOR 3100 student, Nikki Jones. Hard Copy received an exclusive report on Thursday that Cody Hancock, a Computer Science major in the same global religion UCOR, said something that was both insightful AND relevant.

Witnesses on the scene reported that during a discussion on personal religious views, Hancock shared a comment that was not just a longer version of something a previous classmate had already said. “This is a first for me” said the class’ instructor, Dr. Patterson, “I usually have to force a smile and try to move on quickly before he tries to challenge me on the subject, despite my PhD from Yale. This time I didn’t have to!”

By the time of publication, however, Hancock had already made a comment to the class about how wealth inequality “isn’t that bad” during a casual conversation on what the students did over the weekend.

-Ryan Lewis


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