Report: Vi Hilbert Hall Will Be Made Entirely Out of Recycled Spectators


Vi Hilbert Hall- Seattle University broke ground on its flashy new campus residence hall over the summer, but it wasn’t until now that we learned that, in true #DivestSU spirit, Vi Hilbert Hall will be made entirely of recycled Spectators.

That’s right. All of the sad, lonely Spectators the student body hasn’t touched will now be used as the walls of the new building.

Hard Copy prides itself on being the most eco-friendly publication at Seattle University, so we are pleased to see the large swaths of paper and blatantly inauthentic food reviews from budding journalists being utilized for something other than a campus eyesore. When we used to see the red cart rolling around campus filled with paper dreaming to be The New York Times, we would be kept up at night thinking about how the sad stacks of paper will never be caressed by a human hand. Now we can finally sleep at night!

With a new edition out every week, our calculations estimate that the paper used by the Spectator totals to about 500 billion trees per year*, which should be plenty to cover and support a 10-story building. In the past, we have written about the Spectator’s meaningful contributions to campus (here, here, here, and here) but we have to say this is by far the best (and only) way they have ever truly changed our university!

Here’s to you, Spectator-thots.

-Ryan Lewis

*The author of this article is not a STEM major, and therefore has no concept of what constitutes an “estimation” or “math”.


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